About Us: Consumasters East Africa Limited

Consumasters East Africa Company is a Logistics and Procurement Company registered in Nairobi, Kenya in 2008. Our company was established primarily with the aim of offering better truck movements both locally and internationally. To serve Southern, Sudan Consumasters company Ltd was established later offering the same service.

In 2015, the company started out trials in cold chain transport by offering small trucks on contract to ship Floral and Herbs Export to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for export. Regardless of the economic changes, for instance fuel surcharge, we have maintained a good record of delivering on time each week. Consumasters East Africa Limited, in the past year, has gained good insight into the Fresh Product Transport in Kenya. This has boosted our motivation and aggressiveness to join the expert teams to contribute positively to our economy.

Why Consumasters East Africa Limited?

It’s good to ask why I should use you and not the other company. It looks simple enough to consider several options in a world of competition. Our focus, as Consumasters East Africa Limited, the Why Us in this space is our ability to deliver, the ability to hold that relationship with our clients for the longest time possible.
Our vision is simple, “to deliver long term sustainable services and business returns through strategic relationship with providers and consumers of Travel Services in East Africa and beyond”.
To answer the “Why Us” again, we have the following concepts that are integrated into the company.
1.Breath of coverage
2. Strategic relationship with both clients and airline companies
3. ‘Value added’ approach to service and delivery
4. Focus on fast growing needs in the industry

Our Advert
While we provide our expertise from important Logistics and Travel Agency services to our clients, we pride ourselves for in our ability to integrate diverse practical hands on skills in the delivery of comprehensive solution to your travel needs. We balance our technical understanding with practical business sense whilst we dedicate and offer a personal tailor made customer satisfaction.
At the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport we offer clearance services, freight forwarding and handling of cargo with local agents. For instance, we deliver meat products to Juba through Wilson Airport for lesser tonnage and dry relief goods through JKIA. Such experiences prove to be useful, and valuable for our success.